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Marketing- and PR-specialist as well as aspiring artist. In fandom for several years, but depending on real life and its trials, demands and surprises with huge gaps of inactivity before finding my way back again. I'm always coming back though! I volunteer at an animal shelter in my free time and spend a lot of time schlepping my camera around since I love taking animal and landscape photos (also spending a lot of time uncovering the mysteries of effectively operating my shiny new DSLR)


mostly animal portraits of dogs, cats and horses - specialising in Arabian horses, portraits (usually as commissions), fanart if the mood and inspiration strikes. I am recently trying landscapes, using pastels.

I work in pastels (and am saving up for a huge set of those wonderful - and fantastically expensive - Girault pastels which are so great with velour papers and so hard to get), coloured pencils and watercolours mostly. Occasionally also graphite, or copic markers if I return to my anime roots. And next month I'm going to finally try acrylics for the first time.


Harry Potter, House, Angel, Adam Lambert (yes, I've fallen in with RPF! It's a scary but intense experience)